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T H E   J O U R N E Y

Throughout my journey I came to understand that connecting to self is the most important part of our story.

As we journey this earth there can often be a disconnect with our inner and outer world.
Along the path of life we may feel judged, lack of belonging, misunderstood, inauthentic.
Spirituality has always been a priority in my life. For me it really meant I was connecting back to myself.

Feeling connected to myself started to fill up the gaps that felt heavy.
Speaking into my water bottle, aligning with crystals, connecting with oracle/tarot cards, writing in pages of my journal, and much more has been so impactful that I had to ensure more and more people did this too.

EMBODYHER started as my first business name for my coaching group.
It was a reminder to myself and everyone within the group to embody the most important person in our lives... ourselves.

Way too often we look up to other people and we dream of who we could become but it often gets left as just a dream, a thought.

My goal was to empower my clients to vision their Ultimate Self.
The Self that had the career, that created the desired reality, experienced abundance and joy. And then EMBODY Her.
To show up as that person by implementing practices every day.

From there I created the wellness website you see today.
I want people to have access to the things that helped me on my own journey.

I've made sure to have everything infused with love, gratitude, joy and empowerment.

Mother Gaia has offered us riches from the earth kingdom so incorporating crystals etc. into a physical material item is a merging between the Divine and Earth.
Products that help connect us to our power is what I want to give to the world.
Thank you for your support but mostly thank you for investing into products that serve your wellbeing, your power and your journey.
These have been life changing for me and I'm excited for you to feel the shift too.
As Wim Hof says...

All the love, all the power,
Jessica xx




T E A M 



Favourite Bottle: Rose Gold with Citrine Pillar